Hutchinson Vibration Isolators for Aerospace & Defense Equipment

Our Anti-Vibration Family of Products

Hutchinson (formerly Barry Controls) aerospace vibration isolators are world class for compact, high-load, high-capacity vibration isolation mounts. Our vibration isolators are designed to support and protect avionics equipment in all types of aircraft and defense systems. These vibration isolation mounts are made with specially compounded silicone elastomers which exhibit excellent resonant control. This is evidenced by the low transmissibility at resonance. The design of these elastomeric isolators also provides linear deflection characteristics.

Hutchinson vibration isolators are tested and approved to the environmental tests appearing in MIL-STD-810 or MIL-E-5400. They may be used in a temperature range of -65°F to +300°F (-54°C to +149°C) for BTR® Silicone and -40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C) for BTR® II Silicone.

Inertial guidance and navigation systems and radar components are examples of applications where these vibration mounts are used. Our equipment isolators are used to isolate engine/aircraft accessories such as fuel controls, pressure sensors and oil coolers from both shock and vibration excitations.

TT-A and TTN-A Isolators

The TTA mount is a mid frequency isolator which combines a low profile and large deflection capability in order to provide both shock and vibration protection.

TT-B and TTN-B Isolators

Barry TT-B Mounts are mid-frequency isolators with a large deflection capacity, designed to give both shock and vibration isolation protection.

T Mount Vibration Isolator

General purpose, all-attitude isolators for mounting aircraft, shipboard or vehicular equipment. Barry T-Mounts are general purpose isolators for mounting aircraft, shipboard or vehicular equipment in any attitude. They are ideally suited for applications requiring high frequency vibration isolation with low resonant amplification.

S Mount Vibration Isolator

Barry S-Mounts are air-damped isolators designed to provide the highest degree of vibration isolation for sensitive commercial and military airborne equipment.

5200 Series Vibration Isolator

Versatile All-attitude isolators for vibration and shock protection. Barry 5200 Series Mounts are for applications where protection is required from shock, vibration or noise. The fail-safe, low profile construction of 5200 Series Isolators are ideal for use where space is at a minimum.

6300 6550 Isolators

Barry 6300/6550 Series Mounts are designed for use either as an integral mount or isolation system for light to medium weight electronic equipment.

Barry 6820 Series Mounts

Economical, low-frequency, low-profile mounts provide vibration and structure-borne noise control. Barry 6820 Series Mounts are ideal for providing economical isolation from vibration and structure-borne noise for electronic equipment in cramped environments, such as instrument panels or for motors and generators.

Low Profile Vibration Isolation

Hutchinson Low Profile Mounts provide excellent isolation performance in a compact, surface mounted package, well suited for situations where minimal installed height is needed. Ideal for use in aircraft and other high capacity/high load applications to protect sensitive electronics.

Multi axis vibration mounts

Barry Controls Multiaxis Mounts are designed for low-frequency vibration isolation. These all-attitude isolators provide effective vibration protection in all directions and are available in either square or diamond configurations.

E21 & E22 Vibration Isolators

Barry E Series Mounts are designed for optimum shock and vibration isolation of lightweight electronic equipment, where space is a concern. E-Mounts are ideal for isolation where random vibration environments occur, such as in military or commercial aircraft applications.

Barry Controls B Mount

All-attitude, highly damped mounts for protection of equipment from vibration, shock during steady-state acceleration. Barry B-Mounts provide shock and vibration isolation for avionic equipment and features low resonant transmissibility and isolates high frequency vibration without snubbing during high "g" maneuvers.

Barry Controls Cup Mount

Barry Cupmounts combine protection against severe shock with efficient vibration isolation characteristics at frequencies above 40 Hertz. They can be mounted in any orientation for protection of sensitive electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment from high impact shocks.

Which Vibration Isolation Solution is Right for Your Application?

There are many design tradeoffs in applying shock and vibration isolation solutions. We suggest you peruse the technical data for the parts we have on line, and contact our applications engineering team with any questions.  Our applications engineering team is staffed with 4 engineers with a combined 110 hours of design and applications engineering experience specifically focused on vibration isolation problems and their solutions. Hutchinson also has a staff of over 30 engineers (even our sales people are engineers) to develop the solution to your shock and vibration problem – if it requires a one off variation of an existing product, or an entire new design.

Although many problems are quite similar to historical experience, each system and application has its own nuances.  Depending on the type of vibration isolator, the material from which it is made (such as natural rubber or silicone) and the operating conditions, the performance of the vibration isolator and its effectiveness can vary widely. These factors must be considered, and the proper accommodations made to theory, to arrive at the desired level of performance of the isolated system.

Engineering Support Center

Why vibration isolation and why is it needed?

The adverse effects of vibration, shock and noise disturbances range from simple annoyances to shortened equipment life, and can negatively affect performance, reliability, comfort and safety of your equipment. Our customizable portfolio of Hutchinson Elastomeric Mounts and Bushings provide simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions to isolate vibration and shock, accommodate motion, and decrease noise.

Vibration isolators, properly applied, will improve your products.  They will operate more smoothly and quietly, and they will be less disturbing to surrounding equipment and personnel, less susceptible to damage and less expensive to make.  Elastomeric vibration isolators provide cost-effective solutions to problems involving vibration, shock and structural noise control.

Hutchinson vibration isolators set the standard for compact, high-load, high-capacity anti-vibration mounts. They are designed to support and protect equipment in all types of aerospace and defense applications. Hutchinson offers many standard products to meet most applications as well as custom-designed vibration isolators or a combination of Hutchinson products. Hutchinson’s vibration and noise control experts can analyze your individual requirements and provide the most effective and affordable product solutions.

Hutchinson anti-vibration and anti-shock mounts are used on:

Gyro Vibration Isolator IMU Vibration Isolator Instrument Panel Vibration
Optics Vibration Isolator Transportation Container Mounts Engine management mounts
Shipping Container Mounts Stowage and Launch Rail Systems Radar Antenna Isolators
Seekers Electronic Circuit Board Mounts Electronic Equipment Isolators
Engine Control Unit (ECU) Isolators Flight Recorder Isolator Avionics Vibration Isolators
Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Isolators Radar Isolator Computer Vibration Isolation
Global Position System (GPS) Isolators Radio Vibration Isolators Instrumentation Vibration

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