Vibration Isolation Mounts - Product Selection

Isolator Properties Matrix

Product Load Range (lbs) Natural Frequency All Attitude 1:1 Stiffness Primary Application Low-profile, rugged
Cupmounts 0-1800 High Yes Yes Vibration Low-profile, rugged
S-Mounts 0.3-45 Low No* No Vibration Air-damped
L-Mounts 0.4-40 Low No* No Vibration Friction-damped
H-Mounts 0.3-40 Low No* No Vibration Friction-damped
T-Mounts 0-150 High Yes Yes Vibration Low-profile, rugged
B-Mounts 0-40 Mid/High Yes Yes Vibration Friction-damped
ME Series 0-10 Mid No No Vib/shock Low-profile, buckling
TTA Mounts 0-15 Mid No Yes Shock Buckling
TTB Mounts 0-30 High No No Shock Buckling
HTTA Mounts 0-20 Mid No No Shock Buckling
VHC Mounts 0-145 Mid no No Shock Buckling
Cablemounts 0-1800 Low/Mid Yes No Shock High-Temperature
2K Mounts/Systems 1-6000 Low/Mid No* No Vib/Shock Two-stage isolation
SLM Mounts 0-19200 Low No* Yes Vibration Pneumatic mount
LM & LMS Leveling Mounts 0-13000 Mid No* No Vib/Shock Built-in Leveling
633A Series 0-260 Low/Mid No No Vibration
Industrial Machinery Mounts 0-4400 Low/Mid No No Vibration
30005 Series Neoprene Pads 0-50 (psi) High No* No Vibration
6300/6550 Series 0-18 Mid/High Yes Yes Vibration Low-profile
E21/E22 0-10 High Yes Yes Vibration Low-profile grommet
5200 Series 0-50 High Yes No Vibration Low-profile grommet
6820 Series 0-80 Mid Yes No Vibration Low-profile
500 Series 0-2700 Mid No Yes Vibration Rugged
500SL Series 0-920 Mid No No Vibration Low stiffness ratio
HR Series 0-420 Mid No No Vibration High stiffness ratio
22000 Series 0-4500 Mid Yes Yes Vibration Low-cost, rugged
44000 Series 0-4500 Mid Yes No Vibration Low cost, rugged
Barry-Bond Mounts  0-2100 Mid/High No No Vibration Low-cost
Industrial Conical Mounts 0-1146 Mid No No Vibration Rugged
Cylindrical Stud-Mounts 0-260 Low/Mid No No Vib/Shock Very low cost
W Series Ring and Bushing 0-350 Mid No No Vibration All Elastomer
Ball Mounts 0-9 Mid No No Vibration Light loads, low cost
E Series Elastomer Springs 0-14794 - No* No Shock Motion control

Low: 10HZ and below
Med: 10 Hz to 20 Hz
High: 20 Hz and above

All Attitude
"Yes" means isolators can carry static load in any direction
* indicates base loading only

1:1 Stiffness
Refers to axial-to-radial stiffness ratio

Primary Application
This indicates the type of environment that this mount was primarily designed for. In most cases, each series can be compatible with both shock and vibration environments.

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