All Elastomer Vibration Isolators

Products that excel in noise reduction for small equipment such as office machines, motors, fans, blowers, HVAC equipment, electronics and telecommunications equipment.

Ball Mount Series


[Natural Frequency] 10-20 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-9
[Transmissibility at Resonance]  10 (Neoprene)/ 4.0 (Silicone)
[Resilient Element] Neoprene or HI-DAMP™ Silicone
[Standard Materials] None
[Weight] See load range table

W Series Ring & Bushing Mounts


[Natural Frequency] See tables
[Load Range] 0-350
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 10:1
[Resilient Element] Natural Rubber
[Standard Materials] None
[Weight] All parts weigh less than 1 oz. /WB6 = 3.37 oz.

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