Industrial Applications

Hutchinson provides solutions to many industrial markets.  Energy, medical, machinery, chemicals, food, textiles, computers, construction, robotics, are markets for which Hutchinson solves problems in noise, vibration, shock and motion control.  Hutchinson has 75 years of experience solving problems and providing value to our customers in these markets - odds are if you have a need in this area we have already worked on it or can relate a previous solution to your new need.

Industrial, construction and material handling equipment require robust, high performance mountings, bushings and flexible joints. Hutchinson is a leader in providing solutions for this equipment using easy to install and maintain designs all the while keeping in mind the cost competitive nature of the equipment.

Hutchinson’s unique blend of experience, technology, and a global manufacturing base enable us to improve customers’ safety and comfort, up-time and reliability while meeting industrial market cost targets for both initial cost and service life total cost.


Hutchinson is continuously advancing technology in motion, shock, and noise control. Advancements range from new and advanced materials to active vibration control and structural response. Please contact us and let us work with you to bring these advancements to your application.

Click the link below to see a matrix of common Industrial Market solutions.

Hutchinson technologies can directly benefit industrial machinery in areas of:

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Uptime and Reliability
  • Safety
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Packaging and Shipping

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Hutchinson's previous customers have found great value in our solutions for:

  • Engine mounts
  • Electronics mounts
  • Motor/generator mounts

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