Case Studies

Case Studies

Low-Conductive Elastomer for Electronics Isolation

Electrification of vehicles leads to new, non-traditional problems. Our customer had a problem with a battery pack that had to be ELECTRICALLY isolated from the surrounding components.  This involves both system performance and operator safety. The vibration isolation system is an excellent area to...

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Electrification Solution Examples

Alternative energy sources for mobility including Natural Gas, Battery Modules and multiple types of Fuel Cells create nontraditional mounting schemes that need to perform as “flexible fasteners”.      Dissimilar thermal expansion rates Large physical size/shape hole tolerance challenges Severe twisting and non-uniform road input accommodations...

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Electro-Mechanical System Integration and Assembly

Problem Statement: Increased competition leads all companies to search for lower cost solutions.  Our customer – a supplier of electromechanical systems to the military and aerospace markets – needed to reduce the cost of a sophisticated assembly in order to meet market price requirements,...

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