Vibration Isolation Mounts for Missiles, Guidance, Optics

Hutchinson brings over 75 years of experience in supporting the missile and bomb electronics, targeting, and storage/transportation market. From the isolation and stabilization of guidance units and optic/targeting packages to protecting the payload during transportation and stowage Hutchinson’s experience is unmatched. We excel in the demands of these products and the harsh environments they are exposed to, and continue to adapt our products and materials to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

From a more thermally stable elastomer, tighter performance products, thermally conductive isolation solutions, and active systems, Hutchinson is pushing our technology to support your ever changing requirements.

Hutchinson’s solutions assist customers in improving speed, altitude, range, and improved accuracy.

Our technical developments in materials, active systems, and smart structures mean we have the toolbox to assist our customers in taking their designs to the next level in performance.


Hutchinson is continuously advancing technology in motion, shock, and noise control. Advancements range from new and advanced materials to active vibration control and structural response. Please contact us and let us work with you to bring these advancements to your application.

Click the link below to see a matrix of common Hutchinson Defense Industry solutions.

Typical applications on which Hutchinson has been successful:

  • Gyro's
  • IMU's
  • Optics Packages
  • Transportation Containers
  • Stowage and Launch Rail Systems
  • Seekers
  • Electronic Circuit Boards

We've got your part!

  • Suspension Components
  • Cockpit Mounts
  • Electronic Equipment Mounts
  • Cooling System Mounts
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU) Mounts
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Mounts
  • Global Position System (GPS) Mounts

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