Metal and Mesh Isolators

Small, lightweight unit isolators for airborne, vehicular and industrial applications. 

Series 1200


[Natural Frequency] 15-20 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-40
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 3.0 -4.0
[Resilient Element] Metal Mesh
[Standard Materials] Aluminum
[Weight] 1201 = 1.5 oz.
1202 = 4.2 oz.

9300 Mount Series


[Natural Frequency] 12-15 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-0
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 4.0 max.
[Resilient Element] Springs & Metal Mesh
[Standard Materials] Aluminum housing
[Weight] 1.25 oz. to 4.75 oz.

Cablemount Series


[Natural Frequency] 10-20 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-1500
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 3.5
[Resilient Element] Stainless Steel Cable
[Standard Materials] Aluminum mounting bars
[Weight] See dimensional drawings

MET-L-FLEX Bushings


[Natural Frequency] 230 Hertz Vertical
[Load Range] 10-64
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 5.5
[Resilient Element] Metal Mesh
[Standard Materials] Stainless Steel
[Weight] See dimensional drawings

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