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About Hutchinson and Our Engineers

Hutchinson is a global leader in Shock, Vibration, and Noise Control technology.

Emplopyee Installing Hutchinson TechnologyWe support customers with traditional and advanced technology solutions to shock, vibration, and noise control problems, improving their products and protecting their payloads.

We partner to manage projects from conceptual design, through prototype, qualification test, and production. We manage projects to schedule, supervise qualification testing, and have qualification testing capability in house.

Our mission is to provide customers with cost effective solutions through superior customer support. We can support through applications engineering of our broad range of catalog parts, our 80 years of experience in applications, solutions, new or customer design solutions, and advanced technology solutions.

Our Engineers

Hutchinson has 30 engineers committed to solving customer’s problems. Our Applications Support team is staffed with 4 full time engineers with a combined 120 years experience.

This team can guide you in problem solving, and help to choose whether your needs can be met with an existing design catalog part, one of our thousands of parts not listed in the catalog, or would require a new design.

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