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Advanced Technology: Active and Materials

Active Systems:
Active vibration control systems control vibration by electronically sensing the disturbance and taking an action to compensate for it. Most active vibration control systems are hybrid systems using active control for low frequencies and passive isolation for higher frequencies. They offer superior performance compared to passive systems by providing better low frequency isolation, without the high static deflections associated with passive devices, and improved settling times. Active actuators can be hydraulic, pneumatic, piezoelectric and other styles.

Hutchinson has successfully commercialized production active vibration control systems in military and commercial vessels as well as automotive and aircraft applications.

We design our own systems from accelerometer to signal processing to amplification and actuators. Many of our systems can be adapted or adjusted to fit the needs of new customers applications.

Elastomer Technology

Hutchinson has been a global leader in rubber and other elastomeric materials technology for over 160 years. We are constantly innovating, improving performance and enabling customers to reach greater performance with smaller envelopes and better payload protection. Advancements are made in fire and smoke toxicity, heat resistance, longevity and fatigue life, and many materials properties such as damping and low and high temperature performance as a function of temperature.

Hutchinson has internal compounding capability and internal test and development equipment. We can use standard industry compounds or tailor a compound to your specific project. (With 160 years of elastomer development, we have many compounds ready). We work in natural rubber, neoprene, EPDM, Butyl, Nitrile, HNBR, Silicone, Fluorosilicone, and Fluoroelastomer. We have extensive experience in the applications of these materials to help improve our customers’ products, and can assist in guiding the customer to the best choice for a given application.

We have an extensive knowledge base, some of which is proprietary. The link below leads to some of our online information; please email or call for further discussion.

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