Machinery Mounts

Low profile, low frequency mounts designed for industrial equipment.

633A Series


[Natural Frequency] 8 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-260
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 8:1
[Resilient Element] Neoprene
[Standard Materials] Cold rolled Steel or Stainless Steel
[Weight] 633A-60 and 130 = 7.0z.
633A-200 and 260 = 16 oz.

990/915 Mount Series


[Natural Frequency] 10 Hertz
[Load Range] 30-200
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 8:1
[Resilient Element] Natural Rubber (Standard)
[Standard Materials] Zinc - Plated Cold Rolled Steel
[Weight] 5.3 oz.

Elastomer Spring Series


[Natural Frequency] N/A
[Load Range] 0-15000
[Transmissibility at Resonance] N/A
[Resilient Element] N/A
[Standard Materials] N/A
[Weight] N/A

Industrial Machinery Mounts


[Natural Frequency] 8-18 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-4400
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 8:1
[Resilient Element] Neoprene
[Standard Materials] Cold-rolled steel
[Weight] Series 661 = 2 lbs.
Series 670 = 2 lbs.
Series 297 = 3 lbs.

LM Series


[Natural Frequency] 12-18 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-13000
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 8:1
[Resilient Element] LM0-B & LM1-B Neoprene
LM3-B through LM9-B Nitrile
[Standard Materials] -
[Weight] See load range chart

LMS Series


[Natural Frequency] 10-20 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-1200
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 8:1
[Resilient Element] Neoprene
[Standard Materials] Black Corrosion Resistant Steel
[Weight] N/A

Neoprene Pad Series


[Natural Frequency] 20-35 Hertz
[Load Range] 0-50
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 8:1
[Resilient Element] Neoprene
[Standard Materials] Neoprene
[Weight] 4

SLM Series


[Natural Frequency] 3-5 Hertz
(10 Hz unpressurized)
[Load Range] 0-19200
[Transmissibility at Resonance] 8:1
[Resilient Element] Air and Neoprene Diaphragm
[Standard Materials] Steel and Aluminum
[Weight] See table

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