Specialty Isolators -Navy Vibration Mounts for Ships

Navy mounts are U.S. Navy developed and QPL approved mounts commonly known as Portsmouth, EES and Mare Island mounts for use in mounting power generating equipment.


Navy Resilient Mount
Navy Shock Mount
Navy Vibration Isolation Mount

Hutchinson (formerly Barry Controls) has been supporting the US Navy with Navy mounts for over 50 years.  The following tables list our available part numbers, their US Navy part numbers, and links to our design data pages.

Navy mounts are U.S. Navy developed and QPL approved mounts commonly known as Portsmouth, EES and Mare Island mounts for use in mounting power generating equipment. These mounts resist high impact shipboard shocks and prevent structure-borne noise.

Naval resilient mounts are fully qualified to the following military specifications: MIL-M-19379 (10M/11M Series) MIL-M-17191 (15P Series), MIL-M-17508 (6E and 7E Series), MIL-M-21649 (5M10000) and MIL-M-19863 (5B5000H). These mounts are commonly named mount, resilient weapon system.

Hutchinson mounts provide excellent vibration isolation and shock isolation from typical shipboard shock applications, including MIL-STD-901D and MIL-STD-901E.  They are typically tested to MIL-STD-167 for vibration isolation. These function as marine engine mounts, marine transmission mounts, pump mounts, and machinery mounts.  They are commonly applied as gas turbine mounts, diesel generator mounts and compressor vibration mounts, to reduce noise and structure born vibration.

Hutchinson has the analytical tools and experience to do full system shock analysis for MIL-STD-901E and vibration analysis to MIL-STD-167.  Hutchinson can assist in measurement technology, data analysis techniques, test design, estimation of system characteristics, identification of vibration transmission paths, identification of noise and vibration sources, response predictions, equipment failure predictions, and vibration and shock test specifications.  Hutchinson can assist in proper vibration damping treatments to reduce high frequency vibration transmission.  Hutchinson can analyze vibration resonances and reduce vibration resonance peaks.

Please contact us if you need further information regarding their application, analysis, or a quote.

Part No.Navy TypeNSNMilspecDatasheet
31110-1/0111M25 w/Washers5342-00-530-8810MIL-M-19379Download Datasheet
31110-2/0111M25 w/Washers5342-00-063-8818
MIL-M-19379Download Datasheet
31110-2/02Download Datasheet
31111-1/0110M50 w/Washers5342-00-687-5684MIL-M-19379Download Datasheet
31114-1/016E1005342-00-543-3574MIL-M-17508Download Datasheet
31114-2/016E1505342-00-543-3575MIL-M-17508 Download Datasheet
31114-3/016E9005342-00-598-8824MIL-M-17508 Download Datasheet
31114-4/016E20005342-00-598-8825MIL-M-17508Contact Factory
31114-5/016E900BB5342-01-020-5071MIL-M-17508Contact Factory
31115-1/017E4505342-00-664-4473MIL-M-17508 Download Datasheet
31115-2/017E450BB5342-01-020-5589MIL-M-17508 Download Datasheet
31116-15M10000H5342-00-671-8166MIL-M-21649 Download Datasheet
31117-1/015M10000H5342-00-064-8269MIL-M-21649Download Datasheet
31118-1/015M10000H5342-00-064-8292MIL-M-21649Download Datasheet
31119-15M10000MIL-M-21649Download Datasheet
8510084-019036Download Datasheet
8510084-029036Download Datasheet
8510084-039036Download Datasheet
31120-1-65B5000H KIT, 6 hole5342-00-543-3867Mil-M-19863Download Datasheet
31120-1-6NMMil-M-19863Download Datasheet
31120-1-45B5000H KIT, 4 hole5342-01-219-7448Mil-M-19863Download Datasheet
31121-1Auxiliary Snubber, Pc 115342-00-653-3518Mil-M-19863Download Datasheet
31122-1Decelerator Cone, Pc 55342-01-369-0895Mil-M-19863
31123-1Snubber Socket, Pc 125342-01-009-6623Mil-M-19863Download Datasheet
31114-13/016E100NM5342-01-210-6154Mil-M-17508Contact Factory
22416-16E100BB, 1.91" Sleeve5342-01-269-1048Mil-M-17508Contact Factory
31114-236E150NM5342-01-210-6155Mil-M-17508Contact Factory
22417-16E150BB, 4.14" Sleeve5342-01-277-5128Mil-M-17508Contact Factory
21484-17E4505342-00-664-4473Mil-M-17508Contact Factory
31115-127E450BB5342-01-020-5589Mil-M-17508Contact Factory
31114-33/016E900NM5342-00-663-3275Mil-M-17508Contact Factory
31114-43/016E2000NM5342-01-546-9224Mil-M-17508Contact Factory

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