Every Day, Something New

“I do not think that there has been a day where I haven’t learned something new, and I really can’t imagine a day where I won’t.” - Grete Bressner -

Company Provides Learning Opportunities

“I am grateful for the continuous learning opportunities the company provides. …I am constantly equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in my role.” - Nichodemus Tetteh -

Career Took Off at Hutchinson

“Working at Hutchinson allows me to work with fun and cutting-edge technology, and there is a lot of opportunity for innovation.” - Dillon Weigel -

A Career Nearly Half a Century in the making

"I have enjoyed working for a company that supports the military because I was in the military. There have been so many friends I have made along the way-Hutchinson is like my large extended family" - Bob Koch -

Every Career Journey Is Unique

"Every person’s career journey is unique. You may change positions, roles, companies or even industries—and that’s good. The job you start with when you’re young may be worlds away from the one you retire from decades later." - Neil Donovan -

Exceptional Quality Award

2022 Exceptional Quality Award for Honeywell Guidance Systems   Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry was recently presented with the 2022 Exceptional Quality Award during the recent (May) Supplier Conference. The award was for Hutchinson’s 2022 performance in support of the Honeywell Aerospace Group where Hutchinson delivered over...

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Customer Success Story: Off-The-Shelf Vibration solution

Problem A competitor’s isolators were insufficiently reducing vibration in a medical device manufacturer’s portable oxygen concentrator pump.   Solution Our engineers analyzed the pump system and recommended one of our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ball mount series vibration isolators to improve performance.   Results The COTS...

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Shining an Internal Spotlight on Quality

Problem Our quality department needed an effective way to keep the rest of the company informed about the important work it does to ensure customer satisfaction. Solution Create a triannual newsletter that highlights recent developments within the quality department and reinforces our company-wide focus on product...

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Srilata Thirunagari

International Women's Day   Hutchinson Aerospace and Industry's Quality Director Srilata Thirunagari, was nominated to represent our company’s United States operation for International Women’s Day 2023.   In her video, Srilata talks about her daily motivation and what makes her proud to be a Hutchinson employee.

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Customer Success Story: Improving Vibration Damping of an Existing Part

Problem A competitor’s part did not sufficiently damp vibration in a leading vehicle manufacturer’s electric school bus, causing the power steering pump to fail during durability testing.   Solution Leveraging our extensive knowledge of shock and vibration solutions as well as our vast selection of...

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