Automation: A Hutchinson Success Story

Automation: A Hutchinson Success Story Like all manufacturers, Hutchinson was facing some formidable challenges. Material costs were rising. Labor was short in supply, in high demand, and getting pricier. Inefficiencies resulted in scrap and rework rates that management knew were too high. Consistent quality and...

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Customer Success Story: Off-The-Shelf Vibration solution

Problem A competitor’s isolators were insufficiently reducing vibration in a medical device manufacturer’s portable oxygen concentrator pump.   Solution Our engineers analyzed the pump system and recommended one of our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ball mount series vibration isolators to improve performance.   Results The COTS...

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Shining an Internal Spotlight on Quality

Problem Our quality department needed an effective way to keep the rest of the company informed about the important work it does to ensure customer satisfaction. Solution Create a triannual newsletter that highlights recent developments within the quality department and reinforces our company-wide focus on product...

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Customer Success Story: Improving Vibration Damping of an Existing Part

Problem A competitor’s part did not sufficiently damp vibration in a leading vehicle manufacturer’s electric school bus, causing the power steering pump to fail during durability testing.   Solution Leveraging our extensive knowledge of shock and vibration solutions as well as our vast selection of...

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Customer Success Story: Custom Solution for Torpedo Propulsion

Problem An applied research laboratory at a major university required a custom silicone ring mount system and urethane coupling that could withstand long-term, high-torque and high-RPM propulsion activity. Solution Using our design tools, testing lab and extensive database of silicone properties, we established the optimal...

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Customer Success Story: Building an Inclusive Environment

Building an Inclusive Environment, One Job at a Time In late 2021, Hutchinson's Ithaca, Michigan, plant formed a partnership with an organization called Mid-Michigan Industries (MMI) to implement an inclusive training program within the facility. Through the initiative, individuals with varying abilities can train and...

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Shipping Out an Elastomeric Shock Protection Solution

Problem: A customer came to Hutchinson seeking a shock protection solution for their client’s shipboard “friend or foe” detection electronics box. The client wanted to use a Cablemount solution, but modeling showed that its output was too close to limits with little to no safety...

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Customer Success Story: Passing Shock Tests with Flying Colors

Problem: One of our competitors provided a customer with an isolator for a bulkhead-mounted enclosure with an internal circuit card deck that ultimately failed 901E shock testing. Solution: A precision system analysis, the creation of a custom elastomer blend for an existing isolator design and...

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Customer Success Story: Mounting an Engineering Partnership

Problem: A customer approached Hutchinson with a complicated engine mount assembly that consisted of too many components, ultimately affecting throughput and cell supply to the production line. Solution: Hutchinson suggested a welded engine mount assembly design, as opposed to a cast design, to eliminate assembly...

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Electromechanical System Integration and Assembly

Problem: Increased competition and the rising price of parts Solution: The selection of a sole-source provider of an AS9100 electromechanical assembly. Results: Optimized design and improved system performance of an assembly that met strict ITAR and DoD quality standards and regulatory mandates.

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