Pneumatic Machinery Mounts - SLM Series

Barry SLM Series Pneumatic Elastomeric Mounts


Pneumatic Isolation Solution at an Affordable Price

These isolators use an air spring elastomeric isolator with integral heavy wall construction. The rigid wall design of the air mount provides better isolation than traditional air bladder design, delivering 96% vertical isolation and 98% horizontal isolation at 10 Hz. Once filled with air they are virtually maintenance free.


Pneumatic Machinery Mounts - SLM Series

Hutchinson SLM mounts are proudly made in the USA.  Hutchinson (formerly Barry Controls) has been an industry leader in shock and vibration mounts for over 75 years.  Barry Controls developed these pneumatic mounts (in production in America for 50 years) to meet industry needs for high performance vibration isolation in a manageable space envelope.

Pneumatic isolators such as the Hutchinson SLM series allows for excellent vibration isolation performance in a reduced envelope because the air mount relies on air pressure to support the load.  These low frequency vibration isolators reduce transmitted vibration much more efficiently than other types of equipment mounts.  For example – a typical pump mounted on pneumatic isolators with a natural frequency of 3 hz will provide  97.5% isolation compared with 85% vibration reduction on a 10 hz mount.  This improves the performance of all sensitive equipment in the area (and provides greater acoustic isolation as well).

SLM Pneumatic Leveling Mounts allow for easy adjustment and leveling of sensitive production and measurement equipment.</p?

Made in America – Safe, Reliable, High Performance Vibration Isolation

Simplified Pneumatic Mount Selection Table (more complete data below)

Part Number Metric Part Number Load Rating Natural Frequency Isolation%
at 30 Hz Input
SLM-1A SLM-M1A 25-100
(11-45 kg)
3 Hz 95%
SLM-3A SLM-M3A 75-300
(34-136 kg)
3 Hz 95%
SLM-6A SLM-M6A 150-600
(68-272 kg)
3.3 Hz 95%
SLM-12A SLM-M12A 300-1200
(136-545 kg)
 3.3 Hz 95%
SLM-24A SLM-M24A 600-2400
(272-1090 kg)
3.3 Hz 95%
SLM-48A SLM-M48A 1200-9600
(1090-4360 kg)
3.3 Hz 95%
SLM-96A SLM-M96A 2400-9600
(1090-4360 kg)
3.3 Hz 95%
SLM-192A SLM-M192A 4800-19200
(2180-8720 kg)
3.3 Hz 95%

Air Spring and Elastomeric Neoprene Material Provides Superior Isolation

SLM mounts also offer excellent protection against high static deflection, drift and permanent set, thanks to the combination of resiliency of the material and air spring. Neoprene elastomer has an operating temperature range of -20°F to +180°F (-30 °C to +82 °C) and is resistant to oils, most solvents and ozone. The isolator itself will have natural frequency in 3-5 Hz when inflated, however, even if there is no air pressure the isolator still has natural frequency as low as 10 Hz. SLM isolator mount is your ideal solution for machinery and equipment isolation.

Technical Performance DataNatural Frequency vs Max. PressureDynamic Force Deflection - InchesDynamic Force Deflection




SLM series compact air isolator mounts are ideal for applications requiring higher deflection isolators. The SLM’s mechanical bond design incorporates a positive locking system to ensure performance and safe operation. It's robust mechanical design and reliable performance makes it the ideal choice for applications such as Industrial equipment, tools and machinery.

  • Low profile, high capacity pneumatic elastomeric mount
  • Rigid side wall design for better isolation than air bladders
  • No leveling valves, gauges, filters or regulators required
  • Continued support and isolation even with no air pressure


The high stability and reliability of this Stabl-Levl mounts is ideal for use in mounting vibrators, shakers, vacuum pumps, optical comparators, HVAC equipment and equipment subjected to low frequency shock and/or vibration. (Add in - surface plates, coordinate measuring machines, fans, air compressors, motor/generator sets, high-speed punch presses and more.)

  • Precision tools
  • Inspection and metrology equipment
  • Coordinate measurement machines (CMM),
  • Optical equipment
  • Excellent Vibration Isolation Performance of Difficult equipment in a small Space envelope
  • Vibrators, shakers, pumps, HVAC Equipment


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