Exceptional Quality Award

2022 Exceptional Quality Award for Honeywell Guidance Systems   Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry was recently presented with the 2022 Exceptional Quality Award during the recent (May) Supplier Conference. The award was for Hutchinson’s 2022 performance in support of the Honeywell Aerospace Group where Hutchinson delivered over...

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Srilata Thirunagari

International Women's Day   Hutchinson Aerospace and Industry's Quality Director Srilata Thirunagari, was nominated to represent our company’s United States operation for International Women’s Day 2023.   In her video, Srilata talks about her daily motivation and what makes her proud to be a Hutchinson employee.

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Luis Iriart’s Career Growth at Hutchinson

Luis Iriart's Career Growth at Hutchinson Emigrating from Uruguay in early 2001, Luis Iriart arrived in the United States with a “pretty basic” grasp of English and dreams of a new life. Though shaken just months later by the events of September 11, he knew...

Hopkinton’s New Break Room

Problem Our Hopkinton location did not have a dedicated break room for employees. Solution An interdepartmental team of employees was tasked with designing and coordinating the construction of a brand-new, state-of-the-art break space. Results Employees now enjoy an enclosed, designated break room featuring amenities such...

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